Lori Hynson is a Recovering SuperGalaholic who finally learned that God’s acceptance of her wasn’t based on her perfection or her performance according to what the world expected of her.

SuperGal Syndrome

The destructive condition of women who know they can do anything, but feel the pressure to do everything!


Fueled by her passion to inspire women who struggle to be all things to all people, Lori shares her Secrets of a Recovering SuperGal through the Word of God.


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Lori Hynson

Speaker, Author, Singer, Bible Teacher and Recovering SuperGal



After publishing the first edition of SuperGal vs. GOD in June of 2013, this amazing story of messengers, miracles and redemption continues to reach the hearts of readers in 2019.

Last month, I signed a contract with Elk Lake Publishing to issue a brand-new second edition of this beloved story!

The book will have a new cover and new look, but the same inspirational story of how God stepped into a tragic time of my life and my test became my testimony. He taught me that being everyone’s SuperGal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He taught me that relying on Him is so much better than trying to rely on my own inadequate superpowers.

Stay tuned for this new edition coming in June 2019



Knowing peace; the SuperGal Syndrome; Lori Hynson; SuperGal vs GOD



What happens when a fiercely self-reliant and controlling SuperGal is faced with a life-or-death crisis she can’t fix, and must make a crucial choice when she encounters God in a hospital corridor?

Read the book that Foreword/Clarion Review rated 4 out of 5 stars****

God, Satan and the author fight for control in this fun and dramatic memoir...Any woman who has struggled with the ups and downs of being an independent, overworked and underappreciated superwoman may see herself in this well-written and inspirational memoir. 



Free ebook; August 15 through August 19, 2018; Lori Hynson; SuperGal Syndrome        





Hello Friend,

If you’re anything like me, and I think you probably are since you landed here on my website, you’re always busy! Stressed! Running yourself ragged. We women spend all of our time doing. Striving. Trying. Never saying “no.” Jobs, homes, kids, husbands, parents, friends, church, school…

Do you try to find your own solutions to life’s problems, depending on yourself alone? Do you try to control your circumstances out of fear? Live for the approval of someone else, sacrificing yourself to be a people pleaser?

Are you trying to live up to the world’s idea of an admirable woman?

Some SuperGals race around trying to achieve, while others are secret SuperGals—struggling to find a way to survive today. But our pain is the same.

There’s a name for our burden, our weariness—The SuperGal Syndrome. What is it? What harm does it cause? And, how can we be healed?

Spending every day in the throes of the SuperGal Syndrome isn’t what Jesus had in mind when he said, “I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows).”

Jesus wasn’t talking about a life too full of stuff to do, or a life of struggle. Living with the SuperGal Syndrome isn’t living at all—it’s merely surviving.

God has shown me that we don’t need to stay bound by the chains of pride, guilt, perfectionism, and countless others that we have wrapped around ourselves.

Together we will learn to recognize, acknowledge, accept and escape our spiritual prisons. 

Together we will find the path to God’s peace. And His joy. No matter our circumstances.

The cure is right here. In God’s Word. Hidden in plain sight. It’s been there all along.

I’m looking forward to sharing, studying and walking with you as we help one another along the road to SuperGal Recovery!

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  
Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me,
for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.
 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

~Matthew 11:28-30




SuperGal; busy; stressed; SuperGal Syndrome


Lori Hynson is a speaker, author, Bible teacher, group leader, and singer. She's a wife, mother, Nana and retired business owner. She and her husband have five grown children and eleven grandchildren, and live in Pennsylvania with their cats, Wednesday and Natasha


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The Tyranny of the Turkey
11/19/2018 6:00:00 AM BY Lori Hynson

Hi Friends: It’s time for this reminder again. Remember, it’s not your job to run this planet! 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day full of gratitude for all the Lord has provided.


In my opinion, it pretty much stinks to be a SuperGal during the holidays.

SuperGal? You recognize her, I’m sure. Controlling, perfectionistic, exhausted.

Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter, etc. The same. Always the same.

Married as a teenager, I took over every single family holiday every year beginning at age twenty. Yep. Twenty. At 50-something, I was still at it:

There would be no extra sleep for SuperGal this Thanksgiving Day.

In my family, I was responsible for all of the cleaning, shopping, elder transportation, and the cooking. No one brought a dish to share. I’d never asked them to. Was I resentful? You bet.

They arrived, and they ate. It had been so for many years. Back then, I couldn’t quite figure out if that was their fault for not volunteering, or mine for allowing it. Wisdom of years showed me it was mine.

I had no siblings, two daughters who lived on their own but hadn’t been taught how to cook, and elderly parents who were well past their days of meal preparation.

Why, oh why, did I feel the need to be so super all the time? To handle everything myself and never, ever ask for help? To create the perfect holiday atmosphere? The holidays, all of them, were to be dreaded.

This SuperGal would accomplish each task, of course, but I didn’t have to like it. And I didn’t try to change it. That would risk making someone unhappy.

I was an enigma. To the world, I was assertive, successful, and strong.

Behind closed doors I was hopelessly bound by the chains I had forged all by myself.

Despite my labors, my struggle for perfectionism and Rockwellesque gatherings, those things never quite materialized.

The family would arrive and make themselves comfortable while I worked alone in the kitchen. Maybe they’d drape their coats around the perfectly-decorated room. My elderly dad would perhaps unintentionally spill a drink on the impeccable tablecloth. My efforts would go unnoticed.   

That dream day was never once perfect.

In 2007, when I turned 53, it all came to an end. This SuperGal stamped her shiny-pink-pumps-with-bows and declared, “Enough!” Summoning all my courage, I proclaimed that I was retiring from the holiday kitchen, even if that meant eating cold cuts at someone else’s house.


Yes, there were a few early, weak protestations. But I finally recognized my family just wanted to spend time with me, not admire the flower arrangement. They wanted to laugh and be themselves without risking “The Look” due to their imperfect behavior.

Among the pangs of regret for all the years wasted worrying about the unimportant, I also found freedom. Freedom to just be and appreciate. Imagine that! Freedom to share. Relax. To even be—dare I say it?—imperfect! Ouch.

These days, if one of my daughters tells me we are feasting on turkey served up on paper plates? Fine!

Sitting in different rooms because she has no table large enough? Doesn’t matter.

Eating a side dish that isn’t cooked exactly the way I used to make it? Who cares?

At last I grew old and tired enough to recognize that I had spent years doing all those things for a reason important only inside my own head. So I opened my tight, controlling little fists and let it go. I broke the chains that weighed heavily on my shoulders.

There are probably a lot of you reading this who haven’t been able to let go, even if you no longer enjoy it. I’ll bet you even issue the Thanksgiving/Christmas Eve/Christmas Day invitation to your grown kids in July in hopes to beat out the competition—their in-laws!

You may not even realize you want to let go. You tell yourselves you love the holidays! Love doing all that work by yourself! Love striving for perfection! And maybe you do. That’s not for me to say.

Or, perhaps you’re a lucky gal (Super-or-otherwise) whose holiday dinners are truly a family affair, with everyone pitching in to shop, decorate, cook and clean up. If so, enjoy!  

If not, ask yourself: Am I doing this because it brings me great joy, or because I feel compelled by guilt? Or a need for perfectionism? Or because “it’s what we’ve always done?”

This holiday season, take a few moments to pray. To evaluate what you are doing. And why. To ask if it is still working for everyone involved, including you. Ask God to reveal if your motivation is flawed.

This SuperGal, without a single regret, joyfully overcame the Tyranny of the Turkey.

Have a blessed and joyous Thanksgiving!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” ~ Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV)

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