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SuperGal vs GOD

What happens when a fiercely self-reliant and controlling SuperGal is faced with a life-and-death crisis she can’t fix, and must make a crucial choice when she encounters God in a hospital corridor?


"God, Satan and the author fight for control in this fun and dramatic memoir. . .

Any woman who has struggled with the ups and downs of being an independent, overworked and underappreciated superwoman may see herself in this well-written and inspirational memoir." ~ Patty Sutherland, CLARION REVIEWS  (FOUR STARS)

“A woman’s faith is sorely tested in this sprightly, tragicomic novel of redemption.  . . .in Hynson’s deftly comic prose, Lori is a charming protagonist. . . As readers watch her do battle with God, they may not be able to help siding with the underdog. A winsome, entertaining and occasionally inspiring story of bad things happening to pretty good people.—Kirkus Reviews

Living the life of a fiercely independent, accomplish-it-all, has-it-all-together SuperGal, Lori appears competent and successful to the world. But behind closed doors, she is anxious and stressed, trying to maintain control over her out-of-control life.

What happens to that same tired SuperGal when, trusting only in herself, she finds herself drowning in a life-or-death storm?

Lori wasn’t looking for love. But when she meets Ben in mid-life, her battle-hardened heart begins to melt. Six short weeks later, her joy turns to despair when he becomes critically ill.

As Ben’s condition grows ever more desperate, Lori grows bitter and turns her back on the God she only knows from church on Sundays—the God who isn’t responding to her pleas for Ben’s recovery. God wants her to turn to Him for help and to trust Him, but she can’t. She hardly knows Him.

Finally, on her darkest night, as the doctors pull every trick from the bottoms of their medical bags to save Ben’s life, Lori stands helplessly in the corridor near Ben’s hospital room.

She believed she could save the day.
She believed she could save this man.
She was dead wrong.
Shattered by her failure, Lori is out of time and flat out of hope.
And finally, God has her right where He wants her.

The doctors and nurses have no more answers. But someone in that hospital does. When she encounters two strangers in the corridor that very night, everything begins to change.

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SuperGal vs. GOD

I’m so excited to announce that “SuperGal vs. GOD – The Bible Study and Book Club Guide” has been published, and is now available on

In my memoir, SuperGal vs. GOD, I learned life-transforming lessons about unexpected love, pride, tragedy and failure, and surrendering to God’s amazing plan.

This new study can be done alone, with your womens’ ministry, or your book club. The Bible study and book club guide are two separate sections with appropriate, thoughtful questions and activities for each.

Walk through each facet of this incredible story, and be led to a place of self-examination and revelation in your relationship with God.

The guide was written by my sister-in-law, Dr. Diana L. Hynson, who not only lived through this story with me, but who is a retired United Methodist clergywoman who has over 40 years’ experience in pastoral care, teaching, writing, editing, and teacher/leader development in local churches through her appointments in the Baltimore, MD area and as a staff member of The United Methodist Publishing House and Discipleship Ministries, based in Nashville, TN.

Blessings to you as you find and share your own voice and journey!