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The SuperGal Syndrome – The Who, What, and Why 


Are you exhausted from trying to find your own solutions to life’s problems, depending on yourself alone? Do you struggle to control your circumstances? Take on too many responsibilities? Or live for the approval of someone else?

Women have struggled to do too much ever since Grandma Eve gambled away paradise for the rest of us.

 Who is a SuperGal? What are the symptoms? When did it begin? Why do so many women suffer from this spiritual disease? Where’s the harm?

SuperGals wear capes of many colors. Some strive for achievement, while others quietly hide under their insecure capes. But our pain is the same. 

We don’t need to stay imprisoned in the chains of self-reliance, guilt, control and fear that keep us from reaching for God’s offering of joy and peace. We can learn to recognize, accept the existence of, and break out of our spiritual prisons!


Healing the SuperGal Syndrome – Do You Want to Get Well?


Women have carried and dragged the chains of the SuperGal Syndrome for far too long. We’ve strived to achieve, to find approval, struggled to survive our circumstances. We’ve lived in the bondage of self-reliance, attempting to find perfection.

We’ve given a name to our weariness, our disappointment. The SuperGal Syndrome. We’ve seen the harm it has caused us and those around us.  How can we find healing?

The question is: Do we want to be healed? Are we afraid to face the truth—that being the world’s vision of an admirable woman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? Are we ready to admit that God sees our baggage as sin? Is change uncomfortable?

God won’t respond to our self-pity without our desire born of our faith, followed by our action.

Receive God’s prescription for healing; His prescription for an abundant life. Learn what He means when He tells us to “Just S.T.O.P,” and start down the road to peace and joy—the road to SuperGal Recovery!


Dancing on Daddy’s Shoes


It’s never ever too late to experience the pure love, security and approval found when, as a little girl, you danced on your daddy’s shoes, safe in his arms.

But what if your little you was never given that chance? Or you grew up and had to learn to dance on your own two feet? How do you learn the steps that lead you from standing alone in the wings to dancing with freedom at center stage on the grace-and-love-filled shoes of Daddy God?

Lori will draw you into her experience as a ballet dancer and teacher who went from dancing happily on her own daddy’s shoes, to an adult spinning out of control in the circles of daily life, relying on herself alone. It wasn’t until she finally met Jesus at age 50 that she learned how to dance a pas de deux in the loving arms of Daddy God every day! And so can you!