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SuperGal Syndrome

the SuperGal Syndrome; SuperGal; Lori HynsonWhat is the SuperGal Syndrome?


Busy, burdened women—moms, wives, neighbors, co-workers—are increasingly suffering from the anxiety, worry, and other debilitating side effects of a superhero complex, which I’ve dubbed the SuperGal Syndrome. We race through life trying to live up to the world’s vision of an admirable woman—running ourselves ragged to achieve, saying “yes” when we want to say “no,” trying to stay in control of our out-of-control lives, and struggling to be our own saviors.


Why? Because we struggle with our true identity—the woman God says we are—and instead strive to become the woman the world says we should be in order to gain its approval. We twist ourselves into an identity that God never intended for us. We become infected with the SuperGal Syndrome. The “symptoms” of this spiritual disease are rooted in the pride and fear that arise from dependence on self, resulting in anxiety, the need to control, over-thinking, guilt, people-pleasing, and perfectionism, among others.


But in John 10:10, Jesus says, I came so that they may have life, and have it abundantly. He wasn’t referring to a life of too-busy, too-anxious, or too-guilty. Living with the SuperGal Syndrome isn’t living the life Jesus died to give us—it’s merely surviving day by day. No, Jesus was referring to a life of love and commitment.


Through an ever-growing relationship with Jesus Christ, Lori encourages you to Just S.T.O.P. and discover your R.E.A.L. identity in Christ to find the daily joy, peace, and contentment God promises each of us in His living Word.