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What If?
Friday, June 1, 2018 by Lori Hynson

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Have you ever wondered what your life would be but for the one event, the one decision, the one blessing, that changed everything?

Today, June 1st, I contemplate in awe and gratitude that twelve years ago (12!), after five months in the ICU at University of Pennsylvania and one month at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, Ben—improbably and darn near impossibly—took his house key from my hand and walked back into his life.

For the past six months, he had been given no choices. He could make no decisions about any part of his precarious, critically-ill, hanging-on-by-a-thread life. Then, because of the grace and mercy of a loving and sovereign God, he was miraculously healed, and walked back into his life.

 As I sat here this morning thinking about that surreal day, the day none of us dared hope for, I began to ask the question—What if?

What if Ben never came home?

 Thinking about the ramifications of that one moment of our lives ending differently staggers me!

What if our six-week-old new love before Ben got sick would have died with him? There would have been no picking up just-where-we-left-off but better; no sweet wedding; no living out our days in retirement.

What if our precious grandbabies had been born into a world where their beloved Popster didn’t exist? There would have been no snuggles, no “whippins’,” no hammering nails into wood, no collecting tree bark from the sycamores, no memories to pass on to their own children. The thought of that “what if” loss makes me unimaginably sad.

From whom would the neighbor’s children learn to hang pictures and measure wood? Who would friend Joanne have called when she spotted a snake in her laundry room?

What other endlessly patient and extremely kind man would my elderly mother call when she needed a ride, a helping hand, or just reassurance and a sympathetic ear?

What if there would be no Laverne the Ferne, no joyful daily walks along the Schuylkill River and Perkiomen Creek and the soft, misty hills of Valley Forge soaking in God’s incredible creation; no First Wednesdays with Joanne and friends, no Monday morning breakfasts with Cherri. No third Wednesday Diva Days. No Bible studies at my home.

What if I had to be someone different? Everything I am—author, speaker, Bible teacher—are all rooted in and spiraled outward from that one life event. A mere six months out of sixty-three years, yet those six months set the course of the rest of my life.

Before those momentous six months, my life pretty much followed the course of the choices I had made. But now I know that I know that I know that my life was always set on a collision course with those six months and that hospital room. Always headed for the story that would change all my “everythings and everybodies.”

It was always God’s plan.

Thank You, Father, for twelve years that were never promised. Thank You, Father, for Your unending mercy and Your overwhelming love. Thank You for our life together today, just as it is. Just as You always meant it to be.



Question: What event, circumstance, or moment has set you on a new path in life?

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Christy From Reading, PA At 6/2/2018 6:31:54 PM

Thanks Lori for your prayers. I'm a survivor! Praise Him, Christy

Christy N. From Reading, PA At 6/2/2018 2:48:21 PM

What if my breast cancer was never discovered? I'm struggling with low blood counts right now and perhaps my last chemo if my counts return/come back up....I can still praise Him as He has brought me through it, with many faithful prayers.

Reply by: Lori Hynson

Praising God with you, Christy, that your cancer was discovered and treated, and on it's way to GONE! You can add me to your pray-ers. azBe blessed.

Lori Hynson
Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher

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Fueled by my passion to inspire women who struggle in their self-imposed chains, I’m sharing my SuperGal recovery secrets through the Word of God.  I encourage you to surrender these chains to God. Because. . .



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