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So, What's God Got To Do With It?
Thursday, April 16, 2015 by Lori Hynson


Easy. One word.


I can’t fix it/do it/accomplish it/control it/enjoy it/be at peace without Him. It’s impossible.

Controlling this planet, and the fear, the guilt and the need for perfection that goes with that job isn’t my battle to fight. It’s God’s! He’s got it, and believe it or not, He doesn’t need my help!

Here’s the truth that transforms me: God doesn’t ask me to work harder. Or assume responsibility that belongs to another. He asks me to surrender to Him. His plan. His control.

Says who?

Says God. In His Word.

You may be hardcore like me and have all of the side effects of the SuperGal Syndrome. See list here.

Or, you may only suffer from a few.

Either way, living with these problems impacts your relationship with God, with your family and friends, and with your peace and joy.

God’s Word, His book, is amazingly alive for me.


Before the events told in SuperGal vs. GOD, I started going to church. I enjoyed it, sure. But I rarely cracked open my Bible outside of church. And even when I did, it seemed merely a bunch of old-timey words. Some poetic, to be sure, but the words didn’t touch me. Didn’t have any effect on my day-to-day life.

Back in the Dark Days, when Ben was so critically ill, the long Days of Despair, the only verses that were at all familiar were the Psalms. So that’s where I dwelled. 

Funny how quickly we grab a Bible and pray when a crisis hits, isn’t it? Yep. A laugh riot.

But after meeting God in such dramatic fashion, I learned to pray. And God opened my eyes wider. Tapped my shoulder. Sometimes rapped me on the head.

It amazed me to see how close He stood.

So I spoke to Him, even as I struggled to stay focused on Him those few minutes a day. My mind swirls in many directions even in the darkness of pre-dawn. Never resting.

No reciting or memorized prayers. Only prayers that said “thank you.” Asking questions. Requesting help with re-ordering my messed-up priorities. And asking for understanding of what God wanted me to know. About Him. And about myself.

Step by step I walked. Farther. And deeper. Choosing time with God each morning.

I bought an easier-to-read Bible. The New International Version. Then a study guide laid out in the same order as the Bible that discussed each chapter. From a modern-day perspective.

I started to see how these words and stories applied to my own life. Right now. Read a chapter in the Bible—read the discussion of that chapter in the study guide.


Next came Bible study and Sunday school. In these small groups, I asked questions, exchanged knowledge. Started to “get it.” Suddenly, almost everything we read and discussed seemed to speak directly to me!

A Me I’d never recognized before.

This book was alive! No longer stories about a society thousands of years ago. These were day-to-day situations I encountered every day. How had I missed that before?

God spoke to me more often now. “Here’s what I want you to do,” He said. “I have a plan for you,” He said. And, “You need to do what I’m asking. Don’t be afraid. Trust me.” Then, “Okay, I guess we wait.”

Did I mention I’m really not good at waiting? But okay, Lord, I’ll do it!

“Good girl. But before you start, here’s a thing or two (or twelve) you need to work on. I’ll help.”

My heart and mind—my life, is undergoing an amazing transformation. Sure, it’s a process, and I’m far from the end of the road. But I’ve changed in so many vital ways.

As we walk this recovery road together, we can be encouraged by knowing what awaits us down the road and around the bend. On the other side of the storm: peace in spite of our present circumstances, freedom from overwhelming fear, release from guilt about yesterday. Knowing we can deal with only the responsibilities God gives us, and relief in knowing we don’t need to know what tomorrow will bring. That’s not my responsibility. 

There is joy enough to be found in this day.

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