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E.G.O. Edging God Out
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 by Lori Hynson



When I published my memoir, SuperGal vs. GOD last year, I was excited to share my story, my testimony. I was humbled and grateful.

How liberating it felt to share the miracles I had witnessed! The improbable transformation of “me.” The crazy/funny/tragic/amazing events that occurred.

God gifted me with a story that could change lives. Minister to the overburdened, the struggling, the caretakers and the grieving. They could see the path to hope and peace through Jesus Christ through these words.

Not words written under my own power. I watched with my own eyes how my first Ugly Duckling manuscript was God-breathed into a lovely swan.

It wasn’t long before the positive reviews from publishing professionals and tough-to-please trade book reviewers such as Kirkus Reviews and Foreword Clarion began to roll in. Words from friends and strangers alike telling me how deeply they had been impacted.

Then came opportunities to speak to groups of women. I got to tell them, first-hand, how my experience with Ben completely changed my life. About my life before God and after. I saw I could make them laugh, and make them cry. I could touch their hearts by singing to them. For them.

It suddenly seemed urgent that I reach as many women as possible. More readers = more impacted lives. Right?

Sooooo . . .

Faster than a speeding bullet, SuperGal leaped into the scary, confusing, fraught-with-danger planet known as Book Marketing Universe.

Stay tuned as our heroine fights her way to a “platform,” that ever-elusive mass of people who will rush out to buy her book.

In a single bound, she leaps over insanely long and never-ending lists of marketing How To’s and Must Do’s dished out by teeming masses of newly-hatched “experts” in the field.

Bam! She blogs!

Bang! Radio and newspaper interviews!

Boom! Social Media! Webinars! Newsletters!

Pow! Press kits, photo shoots, video trailers!

Wham! Posters! Book signings! Book clubs! Speaking engagements.

Kaboom! Uh, oops. There goes the checking account!

Despite 28 hour days and the lack of a trust fund from a rich uncle, SuperGal, being—well, SuperGal—jumped into the fray with boa blazing.

She went so far as to retire early from her 31 year marketing career to become a . . . marketer?? Ummm, I mean, writer. Yeah, a writer!

To what purpose, exactly?

Sure, I had good intentions. But along that yellow brick road, I got high from sniffing the poppies in the fields on my way to Oz.

On the way to God’s plan for me.

Despite my best efforts, I hadn’t gotten onto a bestsellers’ list yet. I grew discouraged. My faith flagged.

See, somewhere along the way, my motivation changed. My desire to share my testimony morphed unintentionally into a desire for recognition. For me.

As my Nanny so colorfully used to say, I was “smelling myself.”

My ego became E.G.O. Edging God Out.

          James 4:3 and 10 say, “3) And when you ask, you do not receive it, because your motives are bad; you ask for things to use for your own pleasure. 10) Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.”


On the way to showing God’s glory, I began to snatch a bit for myself. An occupational hazard for writers, perhaps.

Everything I was writing, except for a handful of blogs, was for promotion of the book. And me.

The blogs? They’re for you. And yes, for me, too. In the telling of my own foibles, failures and victories, God teaches. I learn.

I learn about women who struggle to do too much. Fight their battles alone. I know them well. I AM them in every extreme way.  

I learn more about what a profoundly complicated creature a SuperGal is. But God’s Word, the Secrets of a Recovering SuperGal, has an answer for each one of our countless issues.

So I’m jumping back on the right path, the one with solid footing. I will write to you, speak to you, and I will trust God for the rest.

I know in my knower what an amazing story mine is—a story that can keep on giving in ways I cannot yet imagine.

Is this Oz? I don’t know. It hasn’t been fully revealed to me yet how that will look. That's God’s job, and until He fills me in, I will get back to my own work. Trusting and obeying.  And giving glory to God’s superpowers.



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