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SuperGal vs GOD - Second Edition

SuperGal vs GOD - Based on a true story


"God, Satan and the author fight for control in this fun and dramatic memoir. . .

Any woman who has struggled with the ups and downs of being an independent, overworked and underappreciated superwoman may see herself in this well-written and inspirational memoir." ~ Patty Sutherland, CLARION REVIEWS  (FOUR STARS)

“A woman’s faith is sorely tested in this sprightly, tragicomic novel of redemption.  . . .in Hynson’s deftly comic prose, Lori is a charming protagonist. . . As readers watch her do battle with God, they may not be able to help siding with the underdog. A winsome, entertaining and occasionally inspiring story of bad things happening to pretty good people.—Kirkus Reviews

SuperGal could handle anything life threw her way. Until she couldn’t. 

Lori appears to be SuperGal. But privately, she anxiously battles to maintain control over her out-of-control life. She thought she could do anything but felt the pressure to do everything. There was no room for God in her realm.

SuperGal wasn’t looking for love, but when she meets handsome tenor Ben, her battle-hardened heart begins to melt. After only six short weeks, Lori’s joy turns to despair when Ben becomes critically ill. Suddenly, her carefully-constructed world begins to unravel.

As God and Satan lined up for the final, ultimate battle for Ben’s life and Lori’s soul, all she could do was stand ner the door of the hospital room, helpless and broken. This SuperGal had to face her own failure as she faced this dying man. The fixer needed to be fixed.

But on that very night, Lori experiences a mysterious encounter that changes everything.


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