Lori was accommodating to our theme and Biblically sound. She was creative, fun and engaging, and she is warm and approachable. I highly recommend her for your women’s ministry event.

                                                                             ~ Joyce Hayes, Women’s Events Coordinator, America’s Keswick Christian Conference Center



I can't say enough about Lori......from the moment she arrived for our retreat, she just jumped right in. Her sense of humor, knowledge of Scripture, props for her presentation, sensitivity to issues we all face.....all in one package. She is the real deal. We would highly recommend Lori.

                                                                                ~ Connie Aldridge – West Lawn United Method Women’s Retreat – Dec 06, 2017



Great speaker. She really connected with our ladies throughout the weekend and definitely had a heart for Jesus.

~ Cathy Rohrer, Grace Bible Chapel, Rising Sun, MD


Lori Hynson is an extraordinary woman of God. In her speaking, she is nothing short of entertaining, powerful, inspiring, Biblical and thoroughly endearing. The joy of Christ radiates from deep within her soul while she shares her personal testimony and connects authentically with her audience. Lori’s ability to engage her listeners, to balance her personal experiences with God’s truth, and to empathize with her audience give her an edge like no other. An edge that is welcome and refreshing for today’s woman. I greatly recommend Lori for any conference or event. You will be richly blessed!


~ Beth A. Owens, Event Planner / Speaker-Writer


“Lori Hynson is a masterful visual speaker who presents her story of a highly-functional, multi-tasking dynamo. But God has a way of bringing each of us to the end of ourselves, and Lori graciously shares how that came about in her own life. Lori will captivate your audience as she uses humor to declare both the dangers of self-reliance and the delusion of those who think they have control over this thing called “Life.” Most importantly, Lori shares how she was transformed by the power of God’s Word, bringing her to surrender and dependence on her Savior, Jesus Christ.”

~Donna Best/Author & Speaker – Women’s Teaching Ministry

“We were privileged to have Lori Hynson as one of our speakers for our last women's conference. She was entertaining, funny, genuine and personable. Her message goes straight to the heart of women. We would highly recommend her as a speaker. If you want to add a little sparkle to your conference it's Lori. We would definitely invite her again.”

~ Tommie Young – Women’s Power Surge

“The ladies of our church thoroughly enjoyed the morning we spent with Lori. Her talk was both poignant and entertaining and her singing was delightful. We’d highly recommend her to any women’s church group. She spoke about the tendency of all of us to try and do it all and reminded us of the value of acknowledging that God is in charge and are only meant to be ourselves.”

~Jennifer Haubrich – Womens’ Ministry Event Organizer – Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church 

From the moment we made the connection with Lori, we knew we’d made a great choice! On that January Saturday, this woman of God touched the hearts of all those who gathered there with her honest perspective and her most entertaining approach to ministry.”

Vicki Pry, Pastor of Caring Ministries, Hopewell United Methodist Church

“Lori Hynson recently kicked off the Annual Womens’ Ministry Retreat for the Suburban Baptist Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Lori’s interaction with the women captured their attention immediately. Her passion for a clear, enthusiastic, yet practical approach to her subject, while also incorporating our theme, “Order My Steps,” was nothing short of phenomenal.”

Deacon Sandi Savage – Suburban Baptist Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania 

"The women's response to Sister Lori's presentation was exhilarating! At the moment her introduction was complete, we witnessed the unleashing of the power of the Lord through Sister Lori. We were immediately engaged in the creative manner in which she used her personal message to minister to us through song and drama."

~Joan Toller, Deaconess and Womens' Ministry Leader

"I can not thank you enough for being our guest speaker for the Ladies Tea and for making me the most popular person at church for getting you to be the speaker! EVERYONE kept coming up to me to express how absolutely wonderful you were! They loved everything..., your message, your sincerity, your beautiful singing, your humor etc. etc.! Pastor Doug also was full of praise for your presentation! I have to say, too, that even though I never doubted that you would do a great job, I was overwhelmed at how perfectly you made your point and how inspiring and entertaining you were."

~Cherri Romano, Congregational President – St. Peters-Pikeland United Church of Christ

“Lori’s humor, energy, and especially her love for the Lord and hard-won wisdom encourage and bless her listeners.”

~ Marlene Bagnull – Director of the Greater Philadelphia and Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference.