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“What if i told you that being a busy, self-reliant SuperGal won’t bring you the peace and happiness you are chasing?” 


Lori Hynson is an accomplished speaker, author, and performer. Her engaging and relatable onstage presence, both in speaking and performing, creates an immediate connection and rapport with her audience.

A raging SuperGal, she spent the first 50 years of her life chasing, and achieving, acclaim and success, but at great personal cost. Now a Recovering SuperGalaholic, she shares her hard-learned lessons with women who are shackled by their struggles to be in control of their circumstances, and the stress that follows.

Lori’s background as a highly successful sales and marketing company owner and well-respected community leader give her great credibility, and make her uniquely qualified to address the pervasive problem of the SuperGal Syndrome in a fun, joyful and edifying manner.

Lori speaks to associations of Christian leaders and Christian women at annual national and international events.