SuperGal Syndrome

“The message every Christian woman needs to hear today!”


Busy, burdened women – moms, wives, neighbors, co-workers – are increasingly suffering from the debilitating side effects of superhero complex, known as The SuperGal Syndrome. This spiritual disease has become epidemic among women of all ages, negatively impacting our families, friends and fellow believers.

The SuperGal Syndrome, and its focus on control, pride and perfectionism, causes a chasm in our personal relationship with Christ.

Fueled by her passion to inspire women who struggle in their self-imposed chains, Lori Hynson shares her SuperGal Recovery secrets through the Word of God. With joy, transparency, humor, and song, Lori reaches out to hurting and overburdened women to encourage them to surrender these burdensome chains to God. She wants them to realize, as she has had to learn, that IT’S NOT THEIR JOB TO RUN THIS PLANET!