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The SuperGal Syndrome – Breaking the Chains of Control, Pride & Perfectionism

Is your life weighed down by too much responsibility, stress and anxiety trying to be all things to all people? Are you suffering the physical and emotional side effects of The SuperGal Syndrome? See how you can go from chained to changed by learning God’s great plan to set you free!


How to Overcome The SuperGal Syndrome? Just S.T.O.P.!!

So many women today are suffering from a superhero complex, a lifestyle that I've dubbed "The SuperGal Syndrome."  We are controlling, perfectionistic, prideful, self-reliant. We have come to depend on ourselves to accomplish life because our culture tells us that being a SuperGal is a reason to be proud! This world will laud you and applaud you for your self-reliance and your show of strength. 

But what does God say?

God's Word tells us that we are to JUST S.T.O.P.--SURRENDER, TRUST, OBEY AND PRAY.

Learn the ways in which the messages of our culture contradict the Word of God in the lives of women who struggle to do it all!


Living in High Gear and High Fear - The SuperGal Syndrome

SuperGals try to control the world around us because we fear. So we try to battle our fear by DOING. Do your circumstances cause you to stress out, or is it really your need to be in control? Learn to rest in God's peace when you see how to look beyond your current circumstances, and surrender your struggle for control to God.

God's Word tells us that we are to surrender to HIS control. Why do women struggle to manipulate and control our circumstances? 

Overcoming Pride – The Deadliest Sin

Warnings against being prideful appear at least twenty-five times in God’s Word. The world applauds a self-reliant SuperGal, but God is seeking our complete reliance on Him. When does SuperGal self-sufficiency cross the line to become a lack of faith in God? Through this compelling teaching, learn how to please God by understanding His desire for your total surrender and trust in Him.

The Price of Perfectionism

When the obsessive need for perfection gets in the way of our spiritual and emotional lives, the cost becomes too high. Satan revels in our self-imposed pressure to be perfect. He creates chaos in our lives by convincing us that we are not enough.  Discover the secrets of surrender to God’s perfect plan for your life.

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